The Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

The Bayview Hunters Point (BHVP) YMCA serves youth and families through a variety of diverse programing opportunities. Disproportionately, BHVP residents face a multitude of challenging realities including health disparities, unemployment, foreclosures and neighborhood violence. Its Family Resource Center, on-site alternative high school, collaborations with the Department of Public Health, and our Teen Center are examples of how our YMCA addresses community challenges. Its Teen Center participants recently expressed an interest in becoming more active in solving community problems.


Teen Center Overview

The Teen Center was established in 2008 as a comprehensive Teen Afterschool Program with five service tracks – Academic Support, Career, Vocational, Health & Wellness, and Creative Expression. Over the years the Creative Expression program track has included: writing and spoken word workshops, dance, modeling, film making, graffiti arts, design, exposure to cultural performances, and creative opportunities offered through our Multimedia Studio.

The overall goal of the program is to provide teens an outlet for creativity and self-expression. The majority of youth that come through the doors have experienced some sort of trauma or adverse experience in their lives. Arts is recognized as a core component in intellectual development and is one of 6 core subjects in which the College Board recognizes as essential in order to thrive in college.